Hiten Techno is an agency and distributing company.

OXIRA Ultraviolet (UV) Air Sterilizers

We are pleased to introduce Ultraviolet Air Sterilizers manufactured by Oxira (Australia). The air sterilizer is suitable for any area where bacteria and germ-free air is needed. The Air sterilizer is capable of sterilizing an area of 500 sq. ft. Currently we offer two models: XG (germicidal) and XN (germicidal + ozone).

The XG unit is normally used to sterilize the air. The XN unit is suitable in neutralizing bad smell in the air. These units use a quartz Ultraviolet lamp manufactured by Heraeus Noblelight GmbH of Germany. The unit can be operated 24X7 and consume only about 30W of electricity. It is portable and can be shifted from one room to another.

The unit can be used practically anywhere where bacteria and germ-free air is needed. It can be used by individuals, offices, Schools, food factories, Doctors, Nursing homes etc. We enclose herewith the product catalogue, FAQ and test reports by The Haffkine Institute and The Bhatia Hospital validating its efficacy against airborne bacteria and fungi.