Hiten Techno is an agency and distributing company.

Fused Quartz Tubes

Our sister concern Gaurav Engineering Private Limited are dealing in Transparent Quartz Tubes and Translucent Silica Tubes.

A) Transparent Quartz Tubes are used for following applications :-

1. Quartz Jackets for UV water purifier.

2. Transparent Quartz U tubes for expendable thermocouples.

3. Mercury Vapor Lamps, Metal Halide lamps and Halogen Lamps.

4. High Temperature Applications.

B) Translucent Silica Tubes are used for following applications :-

1. For Liquid Metal Sampling Devices

2. Fused Silica Dipping tubes for temperature measurement

3. Infrared Heaters

Uv barrel

We are pleased to inform you that we supply UV Barrel / UV Chamber with Quartz Glass Tube. Most UV Barrels available in the market have ordinary glass tube which does not transmit any UV radiation. Thus, the UV Chamber becomes useless.

Quartz Glass is the only material that transmits high dosage of Ultraviolet Radiation that is why all the good manufacturers of water purifier like Aquamall (Eureka Forbes), KENT, Alfaa, TATA uses Quartz Glass Tubes.

We are pleased to give you our quotation for UV Barrel as follows:-

UV-Barrel /UV Chamber with Quartz Glass Tube (QG)



We are pleased to inform you that we are the Channel Partner of Osram GmbH for Quartz Jackets for UV Water Purifiers (Sterilizers) in India. We also import Quartz Glass from China.

We are pleased to give quotation of some of the popular sizes as follows :-