Ultraviolet Lamps


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Entertainment Lamps / Stage & Studio Lamps


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LVH Medical Lamps ,Xenon Lamps & Spectral Lamps


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Both these companies are family owned. Hiten Techno Products Corporation is a partnership firm belonging to the family. Gaurav Engineering Private Limited is a limited company with 100% equity with our family. Hiten Techno Products Corporation is an agency and distributing company. They generally import the products on their own account and supply to customers in India. Gaurav Engineering Private Limited is an agency company. We represent several foreign companies in India. We also undertake cutting/grinding of Quartz Tubes. In short, Hiten Techno/Gaurav Engineering are import companies. We sell in India only those products which are imported by or through us.

1. Mr. Pravin C. Jhaveri, Founder - Gaurav Engineering Private Limited

Mr. Pravin C. Jhaveri has his Masters Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) and over 50 years of experience in marketing of Industrial Products

2. Mr. Hiten P. Jhaveri, Director - Gaurav Engineering Private Limited ; Partner - Hiten Techno Products Corporation

Mr. Hiten P. Jhaveri has a Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bombay (UDCT) and 4 years of post-graduate management education from the Bajaj Institute of Management ( Mumbai ). He has over 25 years of experience in selling of industrial products.


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