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We represent STARNA SCIENTIFIC LTD. of UK (www.starnascientific.com) for Spectrophotometer Cells and Reference Materials for Spectrophotometer and Fluorimeter.

The cells are of fully fused construction. This ensures that cells do not leak during operation. All their cells are within the tolerances specified by all the Pharmacopeias of the world. (US, British, European, Indian etc.). All Starna Cells are factory matched cells and thus the customer can use it with confidence.

Starna manufactures following Quartz and Optical Glass Cells.
1) Rectangular Cells 1 MM, 2 MM, 5 MM, 10 MM, 20 MM, 40 MM, 50 MM, 100 MM.
2) Cylindrical Cells 50 MM, 100 MM. and 100 MM Cell for Jasco Polarimeter
3) Micro & Semi Micro Quartz Cells 1 ML, 0.7 ML, 0.5 ML.
4) Fluorimeter Cells 3.5 ML, 1 ML & 10 X 20 MM Light Path.
5) Ultramicro Cells for DNA Research
6) Ultramicro Flow Cells for TDA Application

Starna Scientific Ltd. is the world leader in manufacture of all the Secondary Spectrophotometric & Spectrofluorimeter Certified Calibration Standards. These include Complete Set for Spectrophotometer, Holmium Oxide Glass and Liquid Filters, Didymium Oxide Glass & Liquid Filters, Stray Light filters etc.

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