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We represent Heraeus Noblelight Analytics Limited (www.heraeus-noblelight.com) in India. Heraeus are a world leader in manufacture of Hollow Cathode Lamps.
Hollow cathode lamps are a key component for atomic absorption spectroscopy. With Cathodeon and IST Spectral Technologies, two industry pioneers pool their experience with this lamp type in the Heraeus group. The Heraeus hollow cathode lamp program includes 70 single element and more than 120 multi element combinations in standard 1 ½" (37 mm) and 2" (50 mm) diameters to fit virtually all instruments. Heraeus also offers a full range of data-coded versions of hollow cathode lamps for many leading instrument brands.

Heraeus hollow cathode lamps have a unique cathode cup system that allows the lamp to reach equilibrium quicker. A special base design ensures a direct connection between cathode pin and wire for maximum reliability. And because lifetime is key in AAS,  Heraeus hollow cathode lamps have a larger internal gas volume than many other designs. Every Heraeus hollow cathode lamp has a guaranteed lifetime of 5000 mA hrs - even for elements like As or Hg.

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